good stuff

I just arrived at work but I have to remember what I have learned this morning. Over the weekend I sent Eriko a torrent of email – essentially my thoughts and feelings at different points in time. For some reason I was feeling brave and talkative. I woke up this morning about 5:30 and the email response I received from her said “I don’t care what you think.” I laid back in my bed to consider this statement in between naps. I realized the similiarities between this and a moment I had with Melissa, when we were outside Church talking. I had been ranting about the merits of drugs the entire car ride, and although she had offered some mild opposition, I thought she was enjoying the discussion, or at least interested in what I had to say. Naturally, I was way off, and she reacted in fury – yelling and banging her fist against the window. I remember feeling as if I had done absolutely nothing wrong; she could have made it clear she was uncomfortable, etc. Long distance makes things difficult because I don’t know if Eriko’s answer is caused by rage or apathy. In either case, I find her reaction ridiculous and childish. Not that we aren’t all children, but supposedly we are discussing “grown-up” things. As I did with Melissa several years ago, I will do with Eriko – leave her alone; let her figure “it” out. ;P Now onto work.