My Eriko...

My only wish for us is that we can learn to love each other; we can learn
to live our dreams together; that we can grow old knowing that we have
found a partner in life.

I have given it considerable thought and I won't pay your loan.

I apologize; I have led you on; it was not my intention.

I am sure it is obvious to you that I want to give you all that I have,
all that I am. As romanticly as I view the world, however, I have no
choice but to realize that it takes time for two people to grow to the
level of trust and understanding that your parents have; that my parents
have. You and I are not ready to accept and share all that we are with
each other. But I think, I hope, and I believe that we can grow to that
place. It is my wish.

It has never been my desire to rush you. Even now, I feel a strong sense
of patience and gratitude towards you. I am happy to wait for you. You
help me to find courage and inspiration within myself.

I have lived my life taking the shortcut and I have paid for it dearly. I
don't wish to drag us down the same road.

You are wise in your desire to take your time. I welcome the opportunity
to grow, learn, and love with you.

Your Nick