Homework 4

After my dismal 89% on my last homework, I really gave this one a lot of effort. I think I have a good chance at a 100%. I had one problem that was giving me trouble and I had a breakthrough tonight. Luckily I had a strigent review process as I found a mistake with a different problem. Anyway. My buddy & co-worker Lisa invited me to dinner and a play tomorrow, that should be fun. Friday I am slated to play some Starcraft with Alex; Saturday in its entirety will be occupied by Jerry Kerrick’s (my former professor/advisor) retirement party. Luckily the homework is not “supposed” to be as difficult because I have a busy social calendar. Not to mention that my project at work is going to be very time consuming, as they are expecting quite a lot from me. I predict that May will FLY by. Which just brings me closer to the next time I can see Eriko. X)