hana hana

I can only think of one thing that could make my Friday night better than it is now. That is, of course, the beautiful woman in the picture hanging on the left-side of my monitor. Looking beautiful, she is. Eriko has been busy lately. Driving lessons, child-minding lessons, work… singing. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a little too much goofing off. I had some good visits with Alex the last two nights, but that detracts from what I really want to be doing. Honing my computer skills, my math skills, my Japanese skills, my reading skills. He tells me that he helps me hone my social skills. Which he probably does. ;P Nontheless, I have many things I wish to do and its really time to get crackin`. To luck, or fate, or the spirit of the sky – however my mind chooses to refer to you – thank you for giving me all I could ever ask for.